Blingee Moderators

Blingee Moderators

Blingee Moderators is only for Blingee Moderators. As a Moderator, there are some issues that we should be able to discuss with management. Like the use of the F _ _ _ word. Flagged Blingee's are a waste of time Join the group and be heard

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I dont think the F _ _ _ word should be used on a Blingee.  People who use the F word in there vocabularity are people with low esteen and poor upbringing.

Personally, I dont see any problem with nudity, except when it is being used in a pornographic image.  A lot of art work, starts with a naked person, usually a woman. Then angel wings are added.  Along with some scantly clothes.  

There should be some safe guards for nakedness, such as only one person in the picture, shot from a distance, no close up's and must have stamps covering lower vitals.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them on the group.

If you want to join our group, become a moderator, it's easy.  I see people with lots of badges, so I know you have time to be a moderator too ....

Please don't post your Blingee's on the group site,
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