Non-Girly Blingee Group

Non-Girly Blingee Group

Post only non-girly blingees. This group is for guys to post blingees! cars, motercycles, sexy girls, sports.. you gut the idea. There aren't many guys on the site so girls, we need to make them feel more welcome! ;)

  • Создатель: kizmet120
  • Количество участников: 7
  • Количество Blingee: 1
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Welcome all Guy Blingsters!

Getting a little sick of pink?  ..glitter, teddy bears, fairies?  Well ME TOO!  And I'm a girl! lol  I never see guys around this site.. *I wonder why that is*  lol.  yeah.. we need some more guy stuff on this site.  So Please, think up some wacky, wierd, slimy, cool, sexy, blue, black, car, motercycle, GUY blingees, and you will be allowed in this group!  Anything too girly and you will be BANNED!! lol (not really.. ) But PLEASE!  Follow the guid lines!

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