MetalHeads anonymous

MetalHeads anonymous

Welcome to my club,it's me GabyChan13,I love Metal & all things dark because I can't stand looking at the preppy & emo crap,I've gotten annoyed by that crap enough,& it's time for us metal heads to rise up our horns & rock hard.

  • Создатель: GabyChan13
  • Количество участников: 25
  • Количество Blingee: 110
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<-----Winner of the Mirrors of Obsidian contest.

Winner of the 1/8/12 New Year Metal style contest.

Winner of the 11/18/11 Iron Maiden contest.

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Winner of the Iced Earth lyrics contest.

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Winner of the MegaDeth contest.

Winner of the Rob Zombie contest:;list_type=4098&offset=4

"Unleash your inner MetalHead!!!!!!!"
That means no preppy or emo shit!!!

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