Johnny Depp Admirers

Johnny Depp Admirers

WELCOME one and all! Since this group is slowly growing and there are more blingees being contributed (Thank you so much) it is only fair to spotlight each one each week. I will put each awesome blingee as the groups icon.

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Welcome to my Johnny Depp admirers group. Feel free to create as many blingees as you wish. Let's see how many blingees we can create to honor our fav actor. Thank you for joining. Ready...set....BLINGEE!!!

Eventually ALL participants will receive a 'gift' for their particpation in this group. 

Spread the word! 

As Johnny says, 'NAMASTE"
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L0L!! Did I win??? Its so Cool to see My JD on ur Icon!!
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when did you first fall for johnny?
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Johnny's movies!
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