Eternal Flowers

Eternal Flowers

Group dedicated to everything Aerith from Final Fantasy! (Aerith Lovers!)

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This is an open group anyone may join, I approve the Blingees first just to make sure they have Aerith in it & that they are appropriate to post. No hard feelings ok :) 

This is a group solely dedicated to Aerith Gainsborough of Final Fantasy VII. Please try to follow the rules & have fun. I think it is unnecessary to post her story & bio, because if you want to join this group you must know who she is right? If you do not then you must be in the wrong place. 

I repeat this is an Aerith Gainsborough group not a Cloud,Tifa or Yuffie group please refrain from posting anything else other than Aerith Blingees. You may post Blingees of her voice actresses. Parings,crossovers and Group Blingee may be posted as long as Aerith is in them. Please refer to the rules below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the forums, or you can ask here ->

Thank you for taking the time to read this page :)


1.No Rude language.
2.No nudity everything must be covered. 
3.Be nice to the other users.
4.All blingees must have Aerith in it.
5.No couple disputes.
6.Crossovers allowed (other FFs,anime,Video games) as long as it has Aerith in it.

*Update* 2/4/12 
Changed name & revamped the profile :)

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