Aussie Kiddds XD

Aussie Kiddds XD

join if ur Aussie nd Proud of it :)

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        We come from the land down under :)
           nd were bloody proud of it!

Dis is where all tha Aussie Kiddds meet to talk   
bout tha footy nd da cricket.... nd bi da way

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi -------> only tru Aussies can say dat not freakin fake ass Aussies!! k

if u were born ere ur Aussie if not ur a FAKE  one haha

We always beat tha Poms in Cricket coz we cool lyk dat nd no one can remove us from our glory :)

Oh nd by tha WAY its Pronounced Aussie NOT Awseee Ohk Americans nd ny one else hu says it lyk dat!!


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