♥This Is War♥

♥This Is War♥

Feel Free 2 Do Whatever You Want On This Group ;D There Will Be Contest Usually Every Week I'll Send You The Topic Of The Contest But Just To Make This Group More Interesting Plz Add Your Blingees Having 2 Do With Singers, Actors, Music etc. :D

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Just For Some Ideas On Your Blingees Or What The Topic Will Be About Here It Is:

 ✖Miley Cyrus   
 ✖Ashley Tisdale
 ✖Vanessa Hudgens         
 ✖Selena Gomez     
 ✖Demi Lovato
 ✖Ashley Greene 
 ✖Avril Lavinge           
 ✖Angelina Joile     
 ✖Kristen Stewart     
 ✖Emma Watson
 ✖Jessica Alba  
 ✖Chelsea Staub
 ✖Amy Lee     
 ✖Megan Fox 
 ✖Mandy Moore    
 ✖Taylor Swift  
 ✖Carrie Underwood 
 ✖Justin Bieber         
 ✖Zac Efron    
 ✖Andy Sixx    
 ✖Adam Lambert
 ✖Robert Pattinson  
 ✖Cody Simpson
 ✖Ian Somerhalder
 ✖Paul Wesley    
 ✖Tom Cruise        
 ✖Taylor Lautner
 ✖Chase Coy

 ✖Avenged Sevenfold         
 ✖30 Seconds To Mars    
 ✖Black Veil Brides    
 ✖Three Days Grace  
 ✖Blood On The Dance Floor
 ✖Jonas Brothers    
 ✖Linkin Park       
 ✖Papa Roach  
 ✖Green Day     
 ✖Escape The Fate

 ✖The Simpsons         
 ✖The Vampire Diaries    
 ✖The Notebook
 ✖The Last Song           
 ✖Charlie St. Clouds         
 ✖17 Again     

well this group will be basically about anything so hope you enjoy it thanks :D <3

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