Voices For The Voiceless

Voices For The Voiceless

A group dedicated to showing support for animal rights, and a goal to end ALL cruelty to animals! Of course, you must love animals!

  • Создатель: Blackcat41
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If you love and respect animals and nature, then you are welcome here! Blingees can range from promoting legitimate, non-profit organizations to simply getting your message out! Blingees about rescued animals can be great, too! You are welcome to add a link to any authenticated site, for reasons such as getting names onto petitions, spreading awareness and information, etc.! I ask, only, that your Blingees refrain from religious content! While this group is about speaking out for animal rights, I fully endorse, and will include, those who speak out for nature! Have fun, enjoy, and take comfort in the knowledge that those, who are members here, share your ideals and love for all things non-human! Be as creative as you like, you'll find that I am exceedingly hard to offend!

Please note: This group is expressly for the purpose of spreading animal rights and environmental awareness! All Blingees must be representative of this goal! On behalf of the animals, I thank you for your continuing efforts to help end their suffering!


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