✿✻✿ ғιnal ғanтaѕy loverѕ ✿✻✿

✿✻✿ ғιnal ғanтaѕy loverѕ ✿✻✿

join if your fan, obsessed! or just into games period. new comer or old comer of the final fantasy series! you are all welcome to join in~ so what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!!

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feel free to join in! when we get more members, i'll do a better bio for the group. if anyone is also willing to help me in the bio process. x.x that can be good help, too. ^^ so, for now, i hope i get some members at least, since i been seeing groups based on this and the people who had made them, aren't active and even the groups aren't no more as active as it was. so i thought of making my own. ^^' even though, even myself, sucks at making groups active. ^^' besides putting blings in the group. ^^

i just hope i can at least some way, have as many members as the old groups, that pertain this. ^^


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