The Magic Destiny

The Magic Destiny

This group is dedicated only to my relationships. If you don't like what you see,please do not insult and leave. The couples: Sephodora, Vincentora, Alucadora, Adriadora, Hugodora, Gilodora, Tykidora, Byakudora, Riodora, Aizenodora and Minadora.

  • Создатель: Teodoruka
  • Количество участников: 107
  • Количество Blingee: 386
Записаться в эту группу!
⇢ Please read everything!



【Hello and welcome in our group! Let me make an introduction.
My name is Teodora and i'm a white witch. I live together with those boys. My destiny put them there. I didn't choose this way. This is how my path was chosen. And i cannot do anything about it.
This group,first,was based on my two fiances,but,through the time,others appeared. And i couldn't keep the group theme because i felt that i'm underrating my other relationships. So,i decided to make a common name for all my relationships.
I named this group "The Magic Destiny" because everything happened by magic.
Enjoy staying here! Everyone is warmly welcomed! This group is for everyone who ships those real-life-relationships~ 】
*Note: This group is dedicated only to my relationships. If you don't like what you see,please do not insult and leave. Nobody forces you to stay.


Sephodora: Sephiroth x Teodora
Vincentora: Vincent Valentine x Teodora
Alucadora: Alucard Tepes x Teodora
Adriadora: Undertaker(Adrian Crevan) x Teodora
Hugodora: Hugue de Watteau x Teodora
Gilodora: Gilbert Nightray x Teodora
Tykidora: Tyki Mikk x Teodora
Byakudora: Byakuya Kuchiki x Teodora
Riodora: Rio Satomi x Teodora
Aizenodora: Aizen Sosuke x Teodora
Minadora: Minatsuki x Teodora


>How to make a Blingee for this group?
Simply search stamps with the couple name you want to make a Blingee with. (See the couple names above or in description)


Not any Blingee is allowed in this group! If your Blingee doesn't contain a stamp with one of the couples,it will be deleted!


Managers: Teodora.Crescent.Valentine; asterioswaifu.



First Contest Winners:

first place: AloisY ----> ♡ ♡ 

second place: .Zoey.101. ----> ♡ ♡

third place: shakadevirgem1999 ----> ♡ ♡


Happy 2nd year Anniversary,Vincentora winners:

first place: titi269 ----> ♡ ♡ 

second place: piedad5007 ----> ♡ ♡

third place: m.believer ----> ♡ ♡


Second Contest Winners:

first place: Ngirl364 ----> ♡ ♡

second place: ZacSmith ----> ♡ ♡

third place: 24karatgold ----> ♡ ♡


Third Contest Winners:

first place: ----> ♡ ♡ 

second place: piedad5007 ----> ♡ ♡

third place: BBB338 ----> ♡ ♡


Happy 3rd Year Anniversary,Sephodora winners:

first place: BBB338 ----> ♡ ♡

second place: MariaFlorencia ----> ♡ ♡

third place: MurderDoll5 ----> ♡ ♡


Fourth Contest Winners:

first place: elizamio ----> ♡ ♡

second place: Tillyda ----> ♡ ♡

third place: feliciaswellis ---->  ♡