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    Dancing Stars

    1 Members

    Join this Group if you love dancing! Only add Blingees related to dancing, no matter b...

  • The Ballet Hall

    The Ballet Hall

    12 Members

    ❤ This group is for all of us who share passion and love for ballet.❤ This group ...

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    Ballet Blingees

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    Don't worry if you can't dance ballet, this group is open to all who at the least enjoy...

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    Dancers <3

    2 Members

    :) This group is for anyone that loves 2 dance. :)

  • ballet rules

    ballet rules

    36 Members

    For all you ballet dancers out there, join my group. For any dancer who enjoys movement.

  • Ballet Freaks

    Ballet Freaks

    15 Members

    This is for ballet lovers and just anyone that wants to join


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