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  • Creative 15+ Stamp Blingee Group

    Creative 15+ St...

    28 Members

    Do you enjoy creating Blingee's using 15 or more stamps? Then this is the group for you...

  • Anime-atics


    1 Members

    If you love anime, you are free to long as I accept lol.

  • Default_group_image

    Who the Bling a...

    1 Members

    fun, creative 18 and over please.

  • Blingee Masters!

    Blingee Masters!

    1 Members

    We are the reson blingee is cool! We shine so hard, join if your a blingee MASTER!!!

  • Creative Flare

    Creative Flare

    64 Members

    What's your niche? Is it Celebrites, Animals, Gothic? Whatever it is this is the plac...

  • Default_group_image

    x+*The creative...

    1 Members

    We love to be creative and have fun. contests and all are here and the best of friends ...

  • Default_group_image

    fairytales in S...

    1 Members

    Fairytales in Spotlight is where u Can Make Pictures about Fantasies and Just Weird st...



    24 Members

    Welcome!! This group was developed to celebrate beautiful Blingees and their visionary ...

  • Creative Creations

    Creative Creations

    17 Members

    Creative Creations is a group that is dedicated to those who love to make artistic and ...

  • ♥[*(*Be Creative*)*]♥

    ♥[*(*Be Creativ...

    4 Members

    Join if you love to be creative, whether it's through writing or making beautiful art. ...

  • Default_group_image

    Creative Art

    2 Members

    This club well let u be creative

  • Default_group_image

    i <3 creativity

    2 Members

    a place where anything goes! :)

  • Default_group_image

    be creative group♥

    1 Members

    you can make anything you set your mind to be creative!

  • Default_group_image

    Creative art lo...

    1 Members

    if you love being creative in you're blingee's join this fabulous group for those who j...

  • Medieval Woman

    Medieval Woman

    3 Members

    This group is for Woman who are interested in makeing Blingee's of Medieval Women.

  • Default_group_image

    ceative lovers

    1 Members

    For the ones who LOVE TO BE CREATIVE!

  • Many Awesome Celebs!

    Many Awesome Ce...

    1 Members

    This group is home to several creative blingees of celebrities! Come Join the Fun! ...

  • Default_group_image

    Blingee Bug

    2 Members

    It's the club wheir everybody crafts creative, not people who leave gap's in their wor...

  • Get Creative!

    Get Creative!

    52 Members

    In this group you can add any kind of Blingee you would want to add. I will comment and...

  • fille-créative


    7 Members

    tu aime créé montre nous tes plus beau blingee

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