angel of love and light

Вид веб-канала Вид эскизов
New Year Blessings
We are so painful by light gods and yet we often think of God.
Safely Home To My Dear Friend John (Gto8)
In Dedication to my Grandmother, Mary
Paolina, You Light Up My World. {Ron & Hermione} {Sparkles-orange & pink} Ti amo.♥
fallen angel and his lover ~GP
Vision of  Beauty
~♥"*You and I*"♥~ {Happiness is you & me together♥}*~for my favourites twins & crazy barbie ♥ B {like Bia ^^}♥i miss u♥
Nanoue My Goddess Of Light, Friendship, Protection, & Healing
Our future rests with the unborn
far away ....
Happy May Birthday Joyful226