blue ribbon 1st place

Вид веб-канала Вид эскизов
  Thank you for your Congratulations On My 1st Place Win In Best Artistic..THANKS
1st Place Winner, Is  Kathybelt9, Congradulations
Congratulations Miss Quemardany,You Are Our 1ST Place Winner In Little Heaven Sents  #22.
1st place winner in Cinderella challenge for LISA :)
Congradulations Dagmarb,1ST Place Winner,In The Little Heaven Sents.7-22-14
We Have A Winner In The LittleHeavenSents#21.Congratulations Miras46,For Winning 1ST Place.
Little Heaven Sents 1st Place Winner is Framboise on June 25, 2014, Host Preciousbaby63
Congratulations Din63,You are our 1st Place Winner In The Angels And Heaven Sents #28
Winner Trophy For 1st Place Goes To Quemardany,8-6-14, In Little Heaven Sents
1st Place Award
Congratulations 1st place winner!
Congratulations Dagmarb,You Are 1ST Place Winner In Angels And Heaven Sents,10-15-14