dark blue and light blue

Вид веб-канала Вид эскизов
You are the light in my dark world
We've all got both Light and Dark inside us!
Pisces Albafica and Aphrodite*!!!
vanna venom pink, black, dark blue, and light blue
Ludwig Von Koopa with dark blue light glitter
♥Beautiful-Gothic-Angel [Light and Dark]♥ There´s no solution  Original by ♥♫-Lenii-♫♥
Angemon x Larry Koopa XD!!!
Lights *MUSIC BLINGEE* by ellie goulding
♥Guardian-Gothic-Angel [Light and Dark]♥ I Can See In Your Eyes  Original by ♥♫-Lenii-♫♥
Paper Ahaz Koopa Blingee*!!!
magical girl!