hi (◕‿◕)♡

name: Kate ~
country: Russia ~
birthday: 10.04.
i like: music, the big bang theory, reading books, manga&anime, fanfiction, blingee♥
favorite anime/manga: soul eater, attack on titan, noragami, the god of poverty is, black butler; daytime shooting star♥
favorite dorama: shut up family, shut up flower boy band, the lover, secret garden, white christmas♥
favorite book: harry potter (all parts), the perks of being a wallflower♥

favorite albums:
"the resistance: rise of the runaways" by crown the empire♡
"the fallout" by crown the empire♡
"sempiternal" by bring me the horizon♡
"that's the spirit" by bring me the horizon♡
"a thousand suns" by linkin park♡
"living things" by linkin park♡
"meteora" by linkin park♡
"hybrid theory" by linkin park♡
"2014 s/s" by winner♡
"witness" by katy perry♡
"prism" by katy perry♡
"new obsession" by vesta collide♡
"bad omens" by bad omens♡
"dark before dawn" by breaking benjamin♡
"dear agony" by breaking benjamin♡
"the black" by asking alexandria♡
"future hearts" by all time low♡

music is my life ❤


  • Сколько раз был(а) в Центре внимания: 3
  • Жетонов: 449
  • Золотых Blingee: 1,551
  • Серебряных Blingee: 1,552
  • Внесенных штампов: 9,305
  • Открытки: 0

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Animefee1976 пишет:

59 дней назад
A new contest has started !
Ein Neuer Contest hat begonnen !


dagmarb пишет:

228 дней назад
Wünsche dir ein schönes Osterfest
liebe grüße

LauuG пишет:

1 день назад
Que te importa cara de *** xd
jajaja mentiras me llamo Laura jajajaa y tu?

Amazing_Anna пишет:

233 дня назад
Aww  you should!!
I'm Anna btw :)

.Zoey.101. пишет:

234 дня назад
ooh, ok! whenever you get them, tell me your usernames and i'll follow you back when i can. xD

Amazing_Anna пишет:

235 дней назад
hey :3
I'd be damned if I didn't say how much I love your blingessss <3 <3

diptishree пишет:

235 дней назад
I'M FINE....

.Zoey.101. пишет:

236 дней назад
agreed. -_-
and, i do! i'm not on too often bc of device issues lately, but my ig is "this.twn" and my twitter is "biiigiirl" :) hopefully i'll have a working device soon, but for now those are pretty inactive. :/

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