u try 2 read this...

                               judge me

1.judge me al you want,but keep the verdict 2 urself.
                normal people
2.normal people woory about me.
                  hate advice
3.i hate advice unless im giving it.
                    treat me like an angel
4.treat me like an angel ill be ur lil devil.
                                  angel friends
5.im sorrounded by angels i call them my friend.
6.love is like heaven but hurts like hell.
7.im a nobody,nobody is perfect therefore im perfect.
                                 better rich
8.men,chocolate and coffee are all better rich.
9.do not envy the one u admire most,instead,try 2 make urself the 1 that can be envled...  



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HouSe_sChuhe пишет:

3807 days назад
thaaank you sweety. :]

ang3lx пишет:

3809 days назад
hi sweetie :) am not ashley..am just her fans too :) Thank! and welcome :)

♥_♥izza♥_♥ пишет:

3811 days назад
hi friends if u want me to be ur friend just add me....

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