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Sorry for saying this but I won't use this account so much anymore~ I have my reasons and well...I cannot use it because I don't have time but I will rate some people here anyways^^....If you want to keep contact with me add me on:



★Thank you for understanding★


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朔蛇666 пишет:

2500 дней назад
Good evening. I'm sorry for the late reply.
I will not be able to update this site quite so busy lately.
But I made a new account on Twitter.
So, try to talk to me on Twitter!!

My account→@tonotonotonooo

Ayame_91 пишет:

2552 дня назад
Thank you for commenting =)

朔蛇666 пишет:

2795 дней назад
Thank you for Birthday Gift!!!!!!!

and sorry late message><

☆-.Aиιмє.Fяєα... пишет:

2866 дней назад
Im Just Making Blingees, And On Looking At K-pop, nd Ulzzang Pictures(: keke~

☆-.Aиιмє.Fяєα... пишет:

2866 дней назад
Hahah yeah, im bored also >(
 Hahaa. so What Are You Doing??(:

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