This is my final account !!

I am -RainbowDashFan54-

Do NOT comment nasty or badly on my profile. If you do I WILL BLOCK YOU!!! That's a warning.

Do NOT downgrade my blingee's (Also includes my stamps do not downgrade them... If you don't like them then DONT DOWNGRADE THEM... Just ignore my stamps if you dislike them )

My Blingee's suck by the way.. :/ 

Anyways I'm not new here, I've priveously had 2 accounts but now they are now deleted !!

Welcome to my new 3rd profile!!

Where I live: Australia 
(But I like Europe more than Australia, since I haven't been to Europe before.....)

Age: 22 (I joined on this site when I was 19)

Gender: female

Name: I'm not telling!!

Friends: None 

Best Friends: None (And I'd better without a BFF ;) )

Favourites: Transformers: Prime, transformers 1 and 3, MLP FIM (sometimes), thunderstorms, night time, rain, the beach, reading, games, music, running & drawing.

LORD SHEN IS THE BEST xD (Sorry for yelling lol.)

I will not be deleting this account, I will be keeping it like my LATTS account and my Only DA account.

I join on May 6!!

Anyways that's all for now cya!!


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Мои конкурсные работы

Can't wait!!!
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-RainbowDashF... пишет:

1818 дней назад
Will be on for a few months till the end of this year

-RainbowDashF... пишет:

1943 дня назад
Won't be on blingee again next year!

I will leave my account up though but won't be doing anything on it.

-RainbowDashF... пишет:

1956 дней назад
It's been months since the last time I was on here.

kaykitty727 пишет:

2214 дней назад
I'm fine sweetie
Last month a couple days before Valentines I had a heart attack...and I didn't even knew I had heart issues...so now I have a stent in one of my arteries..I'm doing good for now. How are you? And how's school?

-RainbowDashF... пишет:

2214 дней назад
It's oficial I no longer dislike MLP FIM! :3

-RainbowDashF... пишет:

1 день назад
It's official. I no longer like MLP FIM!

DeadWalker пишет:

2450 дней назад
Hey ^^ How are you?

scampskey89 пишет:

2630 дней назад
You can make another account

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