*Felicia Bayles*loves her lov3r.

Hey, Felicia here,holla,im black & white,i hav curly hair,gr33n eyes,a skiNNy figur, and gweat personality...i thnk!lol;-)im random very random and i love it...its more fun that way.I have a youtube @ www.youtube.com/19lili95,which is mostly mariah carey and michael jackson,but i <3 em all!I love my sexxy and lovr!

Yo so i <3 Michael jackson and Mariah Carey very much...I don't jus lik em but u know i giv my suppot;-)Yeah so i lik all those singers and rappas lik T.I.yezzer,Bowweezy,Chris Brown get it poppin,Akon yall, Katy Perrers;-),Beyonce,and mo!I <3 Australian and silky terriers, and Chimpanzzees b/c MJ had one!HE awesome...I also <3 them butterflies!a Butterfly is a beautiful creature...I love em!

_______U gotta <3 Me

I <3 shoppin,sneakas,clothes and bling bling...I gots da money!I also lovee me fwiends,mommas and daddys.I <3 my dogs,  my bros and sistas!

♥Gurls,don't be afraid 2 say no 2 da playas, Guys don't b playas!

♥*Peace NOT War*

♥Don't Judge ppl by wat they look like, unless, they reallllllyyyy ugly...lol;-)


♥Fries not Salad

♥Live Your Life

♥Don't hate animals,love em!

-----------------Peace,Love, and Hey,Hey,Hey----------


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jazzyjas12345 пишет:

4323 дня назад
hey!long time no talk how u been?

jazzyjas12345 пишет:

4445 дней назад
u welcome mad love 

shakyah22 пишет:

4460 дней назад
thx your 2  nohom

shakyah22 пишет:

1 день назад
u comment me that means your cool u go girl


4463 дня назад
nuttin muchh

luvme_42 пишет:

4466 дней назад
yea can you

eleni2907 пишет:

4469 дней назад
im starting to get worried now cuz im a member of Tagged and the boy age 17 and he told me what is my number... please help me out

eleni2907 пишет:

4469 дней назад
WOW!! u got load of videos of michael jackson and check ur youtube cuz i added u

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