Amaranth Rose, the Dark Witch

LOVER of all things Gothic, Vampires, Skulls, Metal, The Dark Arts, and Vintage American Muscle Cars.
HATER of all things that are done to bully others, keyboard warriors, whiners, Bible thumpers, Donald Chump, fake witches, liars, thieves, snobs, body odor, cheap men, hater bitches.  ugh...too many to list. 
 Blessed be 
Amaranth Rose )o(


  • Сколько раз был(а) в Центре внимания: 37
  • Жетонов: 17
  • Золотых Blingee: 24
  • Серебряных Blingee: 29
  • Внесенных штампов: 8
  • Открытки: 0



PuddleDuckie пишет:

13 дней назад
Thank you for your friendship invite AmaranthRose
but I am not accepting anymore friends at the moment. I can't keep up with all the comments as it is.
Have a lovely day !

normy10 пишет:

33 дня назад

Gabryon пишет:

206 дней назад
Mein erster Sieg!!! Ich freue mich sehr!!!
My first victory !!! I am very pleased!!!
Ma première victoire !!! Je suis très content!

Best Vintage-Blingee 30/09/2017

Thank you for comments, votes and your friendship. Gabriele

normy10 пишет:

277 дней назад
Created by me for you ♥.

BubblePuppy пишет:

285 дней назад
Thank you so much for the comments and rates. Have a wonderful day, Dana!

theswanprince... пишет:

322 дня назад
hi want to be friends

diptishree пишет:

330 дней назад
Hi there! What's up???

Gabryon пишет:

330 дней назад
I'm looking forward to your work. To a good friendship.  I wish you a happy day. Gabriele

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