Busy making more Blingees!! LOL!


Hallo my friends!

Nice of you to stop by!

!!!!!!!!! I AM BACK! !!!!!!!! And it feels fantastic!!!


If I didn´t have a flat butt before...I certainly will have it since I begun my new Blingee life!! And thanks to Mr New Comp!!

***********************When I vote...it´s possible that I only leave one comment! In that way I can vote on so many more Blingees!!!! But I will tell you when I am ready with the voting! And I will leave you 1 million points on each!! LOL! You understand what I mean! Have a great day!************************************************

My name is Kicki, I am 48 years young :-) and I live in Sweden.

I am the mother of 3 great kids. My 2 sons are 20 and 24 years old and my daughter is 26 years old. I am also a grandmother of 2 grandchildren. A boy who is 7 years and a girl that is 5 years old. And I love them all so very deeply. My 2 oldest kids have already left the nest. And the youngest one is searching for a place of his own.

My family wouldn´t be complete if I didn´t have any 4- legged members. So I have one dog that is 1 ½ years old. He is a Rottweiler/Schaefer/Border Collie/New Foundland. And I have 4 cats. 2 of them are so called housecats and 2 of them are Ragdolls. I am a breeder of Ragdolls under the cattery name "Kiiwa´s". But I haven´t had any kittens yet..but they will come!! I will propably buy a male Ragdoll of my own. Here in Sweden or else I will buy one from abroad. It is better to have your own male instead of "borrowing".

My hobbies....oh, they are many! I love to create things in any way I can. Even with some knitting! hahaha And I love to design...I have tried to learn everything possible about PSP, but...well..there are many, many things to learn about that! So when I found this place...MY LIFE WAS SAVED!! I just LOVE to sit here and look at all the wonderful talents and their work here. It´s amazing! You are all so talented, and I hope that I can be as good as you all are some day!

I love to design and to create things! In any different way! And this thing, with Blingees, is a great way of express my creating feeling ...and also design! And it´s cheeper than design my home!! :-)) I have already done that...and I will not move out from there!

But I have noticed that I have to spend more time here to create and to meet new friends! But I am here by the computer more than I ever had been before! Thanks to Blingees!!

You have all been so nice to me here and have helped me when I haven´t understood what to do!! Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to understand things in the proper way. Because that my main language isn´t English! So you have to excuse me if my English isn´t the best sometimes!!! LOL 
So thank you so much for your welcome here at Blingee´s and for showing me the Blingee world!

I guess that I will write more here in the future....but now you know a little more about me!!

It´s real nice to be here...and I have discovered that my day needs some extra hours!!! LOL...´cause it´s so difficult to leave this place!!

And thanks again for the help you are giving me...I sure can need a helping hand! I will be more here to try to get to know some more friends!

I wish you all a great day...and hope that we will meet some day!




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blinker1968 пишет:

2983 дня назад
to become member of my group


becky_rose35 пишет:

3000 дней назад
Just stopped by to let you know that I have started a new Blingee group and would like for you to join if you are interested!

gamecube51 пишет:

3195 дней назад

Happy Vday!    Kevin

gamecube51 пишет:

3206 дней назад

I left you an invitation

HilaryDuff95 пишет:

3212 дней назад
Please, vote for me!:
Thank you!

TGRAMS пишет:

3213 дней назад
hi honey- yes i'm back on blingee too- can't stay away forever! it's my first internet love! hahahaha!  

yup often the blingees look different when i finish them- don't know exactly what happens. and sometimes when i save they just disappear- i take that as a sign that i can do better hahahaha! all you can do is do your best and hope for the best. 
how have you been? are you feeling better? i've given up facebook for the mostpart and back to blinging!!! glad to see you are back too! <3

gamecube51 пишет:

3218 дней назад
I us unsecured networks to connect to the internet. Sometimes the stamps will take forever to load. And sometimes I go to save the blingee and the signal is gone-with my blingee. I have redone many blingees over and over again. And sometimes I have a senior moment and hit the wrong button and the blingee is GWTW(Gone With The Wind). So redoyour materpiece and share with the world. We are waiting with baited breath to see it.  Kevin

gamecube51 пишет:

3219 дней назад
You said you might have a Flat Butt.

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