Horses - my passion

I from Poland. I live in a small town called Radomsko. From 7 years I was in love with horses. I ride 4 years.
My passion of course is horses. In addition, I love photography and drawing.
My favorite type of music is metal, and more heavy metal, thrash metal and NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). My favorite bands are: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Rammstein, Black Sabbath.

If you want to learn more from me, just write.


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Мои конкурсные работы

Run, run, run!
Rolin :D
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marialovesnala пишет:

3514 дней назад
I love your blingees! They are so pretty!! Horses are my life too. Do you ride western or english??

aneczka1 пишет:

3629 дней назад
Piękne są twoje konie.
Dziekuję za wizytę u mnie.

Upsala111 пишет:

3664 дня назад
Sorry that i talked gemany.Could I copy the horses in your Profil? I say that it is from you. is that okay?

your Upsala111

Upsala111 пишет:

3664 дня назад
Kann man die Pferde aus Satzzeichen in deinem Profil kopieren? ich würde auch dazuschreiben dass es von dir ist.

gre95 пишет:

3828 дней назад
Hello!! my name is greta. I am from italy...I speak polish but i don't  can write I can only speak him because my mother is from poland!!.I'm 13.I have added you in my circle. I hope you accept!!

GoldenDagger пишет:

3853 дня назад
Hi i'm 12 and I LOVE horses. Would you like to be friends?

ilovehorses12... пишет:

3855 дней назад
i LOVE your profile! and i love horses  blingees 

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