rainbowgyrl пишет:

42 дня назад
THANK YOU I LOVE them too. I never watched the show (no cable) But my grand daughter gave me 12 seasons & I'v been watching them every night!! HUGS Helen

Bebebonbon пишет:

44 дня назад
Thanks for the gift sweetie! Lots of love to you.
XO, Bonbon.

Bebebonbon пишет:

44 дня назад
It means i work with molding elements or types of arts. I started with painting, loom weaving, drawing/sketching and sculpting in school, i stopped for a while and then i got into jewelry.
I made my comeback in photograph, especially editing, new mixed media (paint and photography) and also film, i would say, i'm in a bit basic and experimental face of video. I love visual arts!

Glynis1 пишет:

154 дня назад
I'm ok. Just having family problems. Will be back soon. Thank you for caring my friend!
Have a beautiful new week!
Take care always!
Love Glyn xxx

sisi080985 пишет:

1 день назад
hello my friend clik please five my etoile my blingee christian et ana st valentin et ma cannelle d'amour st valentin thank you;;owner=sisi080985 et

DiamondMoon пишет:

285 дней назад
Happy new year my friend! :)

Glynis1 пишет:

295 дней назад
Happy New Year sweetie!

Love Glyn xxx
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