ludmilla1959 пишет:

2462 дня назад
Hello, I have a concern about my friends, my comment on the Blingee and not give any stars. I do not need such friends on my friends list because I comment on any Blingee my friends and I'd like them to do so that. I do not have 500 friends, but few, but very good. Otherwise I am forced to remove these friends from my list. For me, please do not be angry, but equal rights for all. Best regards

ludmilla1959 пишет:

2466 дней назад
Guten Abend und vielen dank für dein Kommentar. Freut mich dich als Freud zu begrüssen. Viele Grüsse...Ludmilla

GREENIES13 пишет:

2469 дней назад
Thx you very much^^for you nice com!

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