Группы DemiLovat1998

  • (¨`·.·´¨)~ღℓøgαи ℓєямαи ƒαиsღ~(¨`·.·´¨)


    20 Members

    ƒøя єⱴєяєчøиє ѡнø ℓøⱴєs ℓøgαи ℓєямαи ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥

  • [★emo★]


    119 Members

    This is The ''OFICIAL GROUP EMO'' Join to Group! :)

  • ♛9m0 Pя¡n¢9$$♛

    ♛9m0 Pя¡n¢9$$♛

    38 Members

    This group is for emo girls who do not care what others think of them, they like to tak...

  • •~♥~• AmBer On FirE  •~♥~•

    •~♥~• AmBer On ...

    41 Members

    This Group is for all Amber On Fire Fans ^^ Please join!!

  • Emo peepz rule!!

    Emo peepz rule!!

    24 Members

    if u love emo or u r emo then....join!

  • .ዠ๏l๔ รtเll.♥

    .ዠ๏l๔ รtเll.♥

    21 Members

    ዠ๏l๔ รtเll.♥ Is for people who luv Photography and love to have express themselfs with ...

  • ★☠OFFICIAL.black~veil~brides.GROUP!☠★


    214 Members

    if u emo punk rock, or anybody else whoo loves black veil brides, join this group!!

  • One Direction.

    One Direction.

    290 Members

    Members are: • Niall Horan • Liam Payne • Harry Styles • Louis Tomlinson Former Mem...

  • Harry Potter Fanclub

    Harry Potter Fa...

    377 Members

    This a group for all those Harry Potter geeks (No offense) who have no where to go. Fee...

  • ×.вє.чoυяѕєʟғ.×


    46 Members

    Everybody are allowed to join this group. :'D

  • Official Andy Biersack Army♥

    Official Andy B...

    19 Members

    This group is for a crazy obsessed Andy's fans!

  • Louis "The Tommo" Tomlinson ∞

    Louis "The...

    42 Members

    A group dedicated to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! Please join if you love Lou! :)

  • alesana!


    49 Members

    this is for people who love the band alesana. <3333

  • £m0 clµb

    £m0 clµb

    2054 Members

    dédicasse au emo et ce qui adore se style ! Bsx a tous XoXoXo

  • ╰☆╮ ғrozen ╰☆╮

    ╰☆╮ ғrozen ╰☆╮

    92 Members

    eѕтe eѕ υn grυpo para loѕ ғanѕ de la pelιcυla de ғrozen!

  • Blingee


    13836 Members

    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • (Emma Watson)

    (Emma Watson)

    159 Members

    Emma Watson Fan Club!!!


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