Hi I'm Cassandra, I like to draw


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theswanprince... пишет:

117 дней назад
hi want to be friends

rosepeddel101 пишет:

118 дней назад
hey! You actually responded! :D yes, we used to msn and make each other blingees all the time! Man, feels like such a long time ago when we used to do that hahah

rosepeddel101 пишет:

317 дней назад
Hey! Not sure if you still use this, but I recently remembered blingee again hahhaa
I just wanted to say hi again (hopefully you still remember who I am :P )

blauefee1976 пишет:

1 день назад

fallforever99 пишет:

1824 дня назад
yo idk if u remember me but hey lmao

rosepeddel101 пишет:

2315 дней назад
Yeah you can just talk on it :) I had a hard time getting mine to work too...At first...Hm..I'm trying to think of how I did it...So it's not letting you sign in? That's so weird....

joyful226 пишет:

2412 дней назад
http://bln.gs/b/27oupb Merry Christmas my dear friend. Hugs Connie

rosepeddel101 пишет:

2418 дней назад
do you have skype? If not, you should totally make one so I can add you on it! Then it will be easier to talk :)

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