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Creativity is an expression of passion, dreams and hope.  I am appreciative of all the beautiful comments I have received as I am just a novice.  My blingees are designed from my heart and the passion within.  As a widowed, single mother, there is much to say and this site has enabled me that opportunity.  Thank you to all the lovely people who inspire me on this site.  I feel honored to be surrounded by such awesome talent online.  It is wonderful to have a magical place of beauty to share with each of my blingee circle buddies!  

I may not leave many comments, but I do love giving stars so people can get more badges!  It is just so hard to tear myself away from creating at times :)  I feel so blessed to have found a home with creative souls.

For those who wish to know me better, you can find me on AOL as EnchantingEys2c.


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Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

176 дней назад
Hello Fairies!! I know I know..I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately.. 

Anyways, it is Time to Vote in PDB!!! Yayy! :D

Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

525 дней назад

Good Afternoon Fairies!! PDB's Gates are open again :D



Giorgia2015 пишет:

872 дня назад
Hi friend, please join the new PDB challenge http://blingee.com/group/228/topic/107825-New-Text-Challenge

Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

1020 дней назад
Happy Sunday Fairies!! There is a New THEME Challenge in PDB, come on over and play with us XD

jenniferswe пишет:

1358 дней назад
First I would like to thank everyone who voted for me.

This weeks new challenge will be dark magic fairies.  What I mean is fairies performing black magic since Halloween is tomorrow.

Have fun!  :)

Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

1360 дней назад
Hey Sweetheart! I have been scrolling across old forum topics and members list in PDB & noticed that we have lost YOU along the way.. 
So, hereby I would like to invite you back to "Pixie Dust Blingsters" with open arms and hearts. I hope you'll check it out 'for old times' sake'? ;)

Currently we are on a voting period for approximately 2 days.
Time to Vote in PDB!!!!!

Big Hugs!! and hope to see You soon!!!

Kicki1961 пишет:

1646 дней назад
Hello Kathie!!
Long time ago since we spoke. I´m back here now but not as Angeleyes_k_06.....now it´s Kicki 1961.
Miss you!! Hope all is well?
Warm hugs to you my dear friend...

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