Hello Everyone!

Just want you all to know, 
All the blingees I make on here, are put onto 123Greetings/Studio where they are put through rigorous tests before being put live on 123Greetings.com. 
I am known as universelover on Studio. I love making these blingees, & it gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing they are all being sent all over the world. I have already got over 1,000 animated cards on 123Greetings.com
The Avatar I use on Blingee.com is the same one I use on 123Greetings.com, so I'm easy to find.

So if you have any mind to send any of my ecards to your family & friends, please do so. If you don't already know, you can send these ecards free.

If You have any thoughts that you don't want me to use your stamps, please let me know & I will stop using them.

Can I just ask you my friends, Please don't copy & paste on any of my creations, please use 123Greetings.com to send to your friends & family.
Thank You soo much.

Just want all my friends to know that I always give 5 stars for everyone that is on blingee the same time as me. But I don't always have time to comment, sorry!

Take care my friends!!!

Big Hugs for You All!!!



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Be Safe And Warm!
Be Safe And Warm!
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mystique1155 пишет:

около 9 часов назад
:D I would not have deleted you. Sentimental reasons...we have been friends for way too long. :D But I'm glad you let me know! I know some people do vote when they are on because I see the number of ratings without a number of matching comments. I have no way of knowing who it is without a comment :D. I've deleted people in the past, for certain who were rating. LOL

nataliplus пишет:

1 день назад
Dear friend! Welcome to the "World of Animation" group. The group is created for fans of cartoons. In our group you can immerse yourself in the magical and beautiful atmosphere of childhood, as well as in the world of adult animation. This is an active group in terms of competition. Entry of the members into the group is free and addition of works to the group too. We will be happy to join everyone. Here is the link

Hannenuete пишет:

16 дней назад
dear Clyn, Thank you for your comments and for the stars. Thank you also for your valuable friendship. Unfortunately, I can not always comment on your pictures. But I love your pictures, which are always so beautiful. Greetings Ulrike

passionpussycat пишет:

42 дня назад
Happy Easter :)


piedad5007 пишет:

43 дня назад
-(\(\----------(≧◡≦)Happy Easter my Friend
( =':')---<[:]|||||||[:]>   
(..(")(")✿❀❁(")(") Kisses Piedad 12.04.17

Hannenuete пишет:

43 дня назад
for you my friend
greetings Ulrike

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