I'm really ill :'(

Losing my brother and sister to social services has taken it's toll on my health. I'll probably still be around but take note that I get very poorly sometimes due to anxiety and stress peak. :(

If you are looking for a great variety of stamps, search with these tags:

"HannahJuly Background"
"HannahJuly Frame"
"HannahJuly Circle"
"HannahJuly Food"
"HannahJuly Flower"
"HannahJuly Pokemon"

Currently taking stamp requests: No as I'm so busy with real life at the moment :( Sorry for big hiatuses like this :-( 


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Meghan Trainor - My Entry #3
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iguana96 пишет:

4 дня назад
thank you so much

iguana96 пишет:

12 дней назад
thank you so much

dixiefan1991 пишет:

18 дней назад
Sorry for your loss!

❀sερнσ∂σяα_vι... пишет:

19 дней назад
Come and join my first challange. :3

Teodoruka пишет:

26 дней назад
we can't vote either. blingee is making updates so all the site is broken.


28 дней назад
hey.your my friend,I will never run away I try to help my friends no matter what they are struggling with.we all have to deal with what life put's in our path. even I have my demon that I usto fight with until I realized IT is a part of my life that I must embrace every 28 night's 
and I wish this on no one.so if people put you down & run away.is there loss because your a sweet young lady with a lot of heart,and someday all the pain will be a past memory that will be all gone. Blessed be you

❀үυғғιε.vαℓεη... пишет:

28 дней назад
i dealt with that as well. but in a different way. all for defending a friend they decided to back talk on. they blocked me for that and i thought they were a good friend, turns out nup. x.x my health is bad too. i have depression and anxiety as well. i wish too. i wish there was another as well. :( x

❀үυғғιε.vαℓεη... пишет:

28 дней назад
*hugs* i hope you feel better soon. i'm the same boat as you, too. ;-;

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