I won't be voting for your red carpets. Sorry. :/

I'm very sorry to say I can't be a part of your red carpet blings this week. I honestly can't stand one direction (I hate them as much as I hate Justin Bieber almost) I hope you'll be able to forgive me in not voting for them. Yes, I made some years ago, but this was before I started disliking them. All they seem to make are covers and crappy ones at that. Even their original songs are mediocre. Please don't shun me for my views, I would rather not get involved. I do not downvote however and god forbid it if I did. At any cost, I hope you understand why I can't be a part of Red Carpet, even in other people's. Sorry. xx


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Rouge the sparkling bat.
Rouge the sparkling bat.
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krimmel8701 пишет:

2 дня назад
this for you my friend http://bln.gs/b/28oqfa

wua8 пишет:

23 дня назад
Hǟքքʏ Hǟʟʟօաɛɛռ!

Georgius999 пишет:

24 дня назад
For you my friend. Thank for your friendship, comments and votings: 


sherrylynnk пишет:

25 дней назад
I always vote for my friends when I see them in a competition. Really...I am very proud of you and love looking at your creative artwork :)

sherrylynnk пишет:

25 дней назад
Congratulations Hannah!!! I saw that you were 1st place in the funny blingee catagory. You knocked me out of first to 2nd place lol. It's ok though, we took 1st and 2nd because our circle rocks!!!  Great job sweety! :)

Mrs.Biersack пишет:

28 дней назад
Hello HannahJuly! How is life going? Just checkin...HAVE A GREAT DAYY Hugs from ErBear XoXo

MiyukiAyukawa пишет:

29 дней назад
Hello HannahJuly,

Sorry for the late reply but I'm also having trouble with making blingees too. Mine aren't processing either ._.

Mrs.Biersack пишет:

33 дня назад
And nu have a Pinkie Pie Day!!!!!! 

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