April 14, 2019 - i finally got the closure I needed. I heard from my childhood best friend, Tyla. :) After all these years. Thank you Tyla, for not forgetting me and writing me here after all this time. I will never forget you my love. You are the fucking best, twiini. have a great life and fulfill all your dreams, you deserve it!! You know where to find me and I am always supporting you. you are forever my twiini and best friend. i love you always. you are fucking amzazingg.

Literally, people were so childish when we were on here in like middle school and even years later some people still haven't grown up. Smh. Goodbye blingee forever. Thank you bringing me and Tyla together 10 years ago and having her show me what real friendship is from across the world and for still being here today to reconnect us. <3

i dont come here anymore, the only reason i ever even check this website is so to see if i ever get a message from my best friend and twin, Tyla because she's the only one here who made the time worth it here, she was sweet and caring and funny and all around perfect, shit she probably still is, i wish her the best in life because she deserves it, much love for her <3
fuck everyone else. k bye (:

Love, Libby <3



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Miiley-Cyrus- пишет:

117 days назад
Miss you too!

CantBeSaved. пишет:

206 days назад
I miss you too :) ❤️

MileyLike пишет:

333 days назад
I had my first job already,but I'm not there anymore :(
I'm on high school yet..
But it's my last year and I'm so exited. 
Trying to back to Uni?
why? what happened? 
I hope you're doin fine beautiful,I miss you so so much. :(

DemiLovat1998 пишет:

454 days назад
Awww for realz? umm do you have any other like social media or messaging thing? I find it to be pretty hard keeping up with messages on this site so that why I'm asking XD And I've been doing pretty well, a lot has happened these last few years, it's crazy how things and people change XD  how's your life going so far? c:

DemiLovat1998 пишет:

454 days назад
When was the last time you spoke to her? Has it really been that long? I would have thought she might have remembered this place at least once, like I think she had been on here longer than I have. :/ I'm sure she'll be back someday though! And I know she most likely definitely remembers you for sure no doubt lol 

DemiLovat1998 пишет:

454 days назад
wow I this is so weird I honestly thought I wouldn't hear from you in a while, much less the very next day XD It's so funny how like we've both been thinking about this place at the same time lol yeah, not many people get on, I haven't been on since probably November and just yesterday I remembered about this place. I really miss what this place used to be. 

DemiLovat1998 пишет:

455 days назад
Omg libby how are you? It's been such a long time! It's funny I literally just remembered about this place like this morning, I haven't been on in like a year. I miss talking to you and I hope you're doing good so far. If you ever get back on or something add me on snap, xolagurl, well if you have one. XD I remeber you used to not have a phone or something like that. Anyway hope to talk to you again someday soon :D <3

MileyLike пишет:

489 days назад
I've missed you so bad.
Someone tell me I'm not dreaming please. :c 
How are you? 
I have so many things to tell you 
I neeeed youuuuu
Where have you been? :c 

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