Love the Arts

I am creative 17 year old girl from Wisconsin. I love drawing, painting, writing, poems, and graphic designs. i also love biking, boxing, wrestling, singing and playing video games. I am usually in my own world most time and tend not to get along with people much. Most people are scared or creeped out by my "uniqueness". I am labled as goth, emo, rebel, punk, freaky girl in my school. So I dont have very many friends and now all my friends have either gradutated, moved, or online school now. So I am official a loner in my class. At least i only have 2 years of high school left.


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lovegirl1055 пишет:

2225 дней назад
vote plz thx friend

evilchefmania пишет:

1 день назад
hello welcome to my circle of friends glad to be part of your circle here are some groups you can join to help put your work out some i think u will love to join :)

EngelKagome1 пишет:

2600 дней назад
this is for you
hope you like it

DancingBear18 пишет:

2615 дней назад

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