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If you like Pink just join! Any shade of Pink is welcome, just have fun!

 Now about me, I like Anime and I am a fan of Volcaloid. I like to play video games, too. My favorite color is gray and my favorite season Winter.


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Arisuchan23 пишет:

242 дня назад
My group ❤ ~ Anime Forever! ~ ❤ will be deleted and re created on my new account you can re join there

My new account name is ❤Strawberry❤ 

Animefee1976 пишет:

378 дней назад
2 new contests has started !
 Anime Christmas Challenges 

Anime: Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji Challenge

Animefee1976 пишет:

547 дней назад
A new contest has started - Come in the group and join in!
Ein neuer Contest  hat begonnen- Komm in die Gruppe und mache mit !

È iniziato un nuovo concorso: entra nel gruppo e partecipa!
Rozpoczął się nowy konkurs - Przyjdź do grupy i dołącz!
Начался новый конкурс - заходите в группу и присоединяйтесь!


tentenneji пишет:

1 день назад
Hiiiii !! 

A new challenge 


Do you want participated? <3

Thanks <3

ilovesexx пишет:

904 дня назад

haileyjune8 пишет:

950 дней назад
Hi there! Long time no see! How are you?

FunnyPrincess... пишет:

1038 дней назад
That sounds good^^
And yes, I have seen it*u* OMG, I just can't wait to get one>w< I really want Zelda Breath of the Wild! It just looks so amazing*3* And I waited for it since 2015>.< But I also look forward Mario Odyssey^-^ It's great, that they want to make a 3D Mario game in 64/Sunshine/Galaxy style again:3
How about you?

I will check it out late^^ I also have a account there, but I'm like never online^-^' Btw, my DA is Xx-PaintingPaw-xX

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