Its Lily, The Princess of Couple Anime

Hi... Friends
I am Lily 
I am a friendly,a bit funny and very helping girl.Adding me to your circle will be the best step taken by you.  
    Aim -> I want 2 save nature & wildlife          
    Nationality -> Indian(Hisar)
    Languages -> English and Hindi(mother tounge)
    Age -> 18 years
    B'day -> 13 dec 1991 
    Speciality -> I am pure vegetarian
    Hobbies -> watching TV,surfing on net,Dancing
    Fav. colour -> White(best),pink
    Fav. food -> Indian food
    Fav. net site ->,Facebook etc  


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  • Жетонов: 35
  • Золотых Blingee: 21
  • Серебряных Blingee: 45
  • Внесенных штампов: 100
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crissandy пишет:

3993 дня назад
Send This Heart -->♥<--to everyone you don't want to loose in 2010...Including me if you care =D, try to collect 12 hearts. If you receive this, its because you're super special [♥-♥].

la_cuerda_de_oro пишет:

4010 дней назад
plizz vote my Blingee^^

misuzu260 пишет:

4023 дня назад
--> ^^

crissandy пишет:

4060 дней назад
Happy Birthday Lily :D This Blingee is for you (for your BIRTHDAY) :D

crissandy пишет:

4060 дней назад
Hiiiiiii :D Happy Birthday :*:*:* I wish that all your dreams come true,Health and Luck >:D< Have Fun on your B-day.. now you are 18,and this is a important age :d you are now an adult :D 
Andi :D

Lucy436534352543 пишет:

4080 дней назад
I have email , but not yahoo T^T I have gmail .... 

Lucy436534352543 пишет:

4085 дней назад
Nice to meet you ;D
My name's Dominika, but you call me Doma ^_^ I'm from Poland ;* ... Hmmm..... I think ... India jest great country ^_^

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