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Please, I don't accept friend req from children under 18 years old !!!!
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My Birthday is August 26th ... Virgo ;)

My name is Miriam and I'm from Argentina, I love everything creative and artistic and above all things I love self-challenge myself :) I'm a Geographer, I have taught at the University and Tertiary Teacher Training for 25 years, and I've been specialized on various aspects of Social Sciences, Geopolitics, Education Training and History ... they're my passions, but above all, I'm passionate about reading and listening good music. Love all artistic expression, but my preferences are for Dark, Goth and Surreal Art
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miras46 пишет:

около 3 часов назад

to you also one gift for your friendship, votes and comments♥ Mira

ortega42 пишет:

1 день назад
nouveau défi très prisé en ce moment héhéhé Halloween animaux que ce soit funny ou autre ce n'est pas important a partir du moment que un ou des animaux soit présent dans votre création  je vous attend voici le lien http://fr.blingee.com/challenge/view/9219-d-fi-animaux-d-halloween bon dimanche kiss

donja01 пишет:

3 дня назад
hello,time give 10 off your beatyfull blingees give 5 stars

coolguyz13 пишет:

3 дня назад
Thank you very much and I do like your blingees!

guardian06 пишет:

3 дня назад
I LOVE, LOVE the stamps you uploaded ;-)

I will do my best to enter your challenge.  I've been working one full-time job and one part-time job.  

Wishing you a most magnificent day ☺

xoxo ~ Deb

mystique1155 пишет:

3 дня назад
Ooh, no problem. I've been meaning to make a Day of the Dead challenge for several years now lol. Just during the fall I get lazy, so no worries. Oooh, love your voodoo stamps! Definitely worth a challenge!

mystique1155 пишет:

4 дня назад
I was just going to make a challenge with this theme! Glad I saw this. I have quite a few stamps made for 'The Day of the Dead' too. I uploaded them a few years ago. Wish I'd have known you were doing this. We could have included my stamps too.

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