blueberrycloud пишет:

3657 дней назад
this is good..but im new right now and i dont know how 2 share a blingee with other people..can someone help me please?

pinkyghurl31 пишет:

3697 дней назад
hi der.. u can now vote 4 the blingee u like.. u can vote even IF ur not in my group.. thnx

love: pinkyghurl31 xxx

abigail97 пишет:

3699 дней назад
check out the game on the bottom of my profile

abigail97 пишет:

1 день назад
rate my blingees n i can get u on the waitin list of this group where they have cheated the badge system 

pinkyghurl31 пишет:

3707 дней назад
hello.. how r u?.pls join my NEW group =D its called "baby group" =D thnx

soumaya86 пишет:

3783 дня назад
bnsr sa va ? merci et derien . bone soirée et bone nuit . kiss . bye . karin 

Loveworldofwa... пишет:

3819 дней назад
ellu friends i was stop with blingee :O
but now im back !!! and i have just new blingee pls come check it !!! 


macoumba11 пишет:

3839 дней назад
cc message très important pour mes amis la fille de ptitange24 participe a un concours pour parrainer un dauphin un animal dont elle est folle amoureuse pour plus d'informations écrivez-moi c'est très important pour elle merci
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