I stumbled upon the blingee site by chance last week (December 09) and was so impressed by the artwork that I decided to join, despite the fact that I don't have an artistic or creative bone in my body! However, I do appreciate artistic talent and am hoping that I can pick up a few tips from the many wonderful contributors on the site :o)

I have two daughters, 3 stepsons and ten grandchildren, so I guess many of my artistic (?) endeavours will centre around decorating the myriad photographs I have littering my desktop! I also have two sisters in Glasgow and another who lives in Clearwater, Florida, so I have numerous neices and grand/great neices scattered all over the place.  As you can probably gather, my family is a female dominated one, so the pull of the sisterhood is particularly strong :o) 

My mother's family hailed from Italy, whilst my father's family came from Ireland; I was born in Scotland but now live in England, so I guess you could say that I have had many cultural influences in my life :o) I keep telling my husband that this is the reason why I am so interesting but I'm not quite sure if he believes me, LOL!

Whilst my offerings might not be of the same calibre of many of the great artists on this site, I do have a good eye and can appreciate great talent when I see it, so don't be surprised to find that I have paid you a visit and dropped an encouraging word here and there!  Please bear with me during my learning curve and if you have any advice, I'll be happy to take it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my drivel and I look forward to seeing your latest artwork!

Tina, aka Scorpio9


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With LoVe, your FrieNd AnnA froM Germany Hamburg! 
Muuuuaaaahhhh!!! Hugggggs!!!!

chrisyjorge пишет:

3318 дней назад
news for all member


have a nice evening chris
also giv the copy to your friends

ilsabailey пишет:

3320 дней назад
Hello Friend, 
Hope you will join me in the "Greetings for any Occasion" challenge http://blingee.com/challenge/view/720-Greeting-for-any-Occasion (friends w/ me through FamilyFrame) Ilsa

chrisyjorge пишет:

3406 дней назад
new challenge
I wish you a nice day

nuevo reto
Le deseo un buen día

nouveau défi
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée

new challenge ich wünsche einen schönen tag





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<<<news<<<<<< neuigkeiten<<<<<< Nouvelles<<<<<< noticias<<<

<Please read the forum contributors-for the new competition 27.06.2010
< bitte lese den forenbeitrag für den neuen wettbewerb
< S'il vous plaît lire le nouveau forum pour contribuer à la concurrence
< Por favor, lea el nuevo foro para contribuir a la competitividad
- http://blingee.com/group/64002/topic/62703-new-challenge-for-competition-am-27-06-2010

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