Im Batman <3 ;p

How you doing honey boo-boo child? haha Names Taylor, whats up? Im an Artist, who hates hospitals, but loves her iced coffee <3. I love just about everyone (exept criminals, and popular peps.) 
 Gotta go, let the fire burn (dark knight ref.) and live up the life you have. <3 your BEAUTIFUL.


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More than friends
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loveblinkmike пишет:

1908 дней назад
 hello and good day TayFoochez2597
very close from here, send a dear greeting to you ...
   happening and a bit of spring, even if the
   weekend not so nice ... so I'll give you
   my friendship here with
   to understand ...

for we shall meet again here, and go a little walk
                Kind regards mike

loveblinkmike пишет:

2407 дней назад
hello friend;;offset=0Christmas and New Year are knocking
the door.. It's the time of the year to be 
joyful and merry. Enjoy the spirit of the
 season and wish your friends,family, 
 acquaintances and loved ones a happy...
Everything is done from love.everything to his time. At the end of everything is good.
And once again not good, then it is not the
end of. cordially greetings and big hug

dagmarb пишет:

1 день назад
Menschen zu finden, die mit uns
fühlen und empfinden,
ist wohl das schönste Glück
auf Erden.
Autor:  Carl Spitteler
ich wünsche dir
ein schönes wochenende
liebe grüße

Valériane007 пишет:

2754 дня назад
 I wish you a happy
       •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • 
healthy and successfully
       NEW YEAR

Beadz4Life пишет:

2816 дней назад
check out my website and consider buying!

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