And after which betrayal did you cut out your heart, I wonder

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My family has Blingee as well:

My younger sister Amelie:♥Amelie♥
My younger sister Cameron:
My older sister Giselle:
My older brother Alex:✿ᴠσ¢aℓσɪ∂_ғαɴ✿


★ My name: Elias
★ My gender: Male
★ My religion: Christian
★ My sexuality: Straight
★ My birthplace: Dortmund, Germany
★ I don't speak German. Only English
★ My current residence: America with my hella large family
★ I'm the third born child of six
★ My birthday: July 4th
★ My age: 20
★ My favorite colors: Pink, purple, blue, silver, red and green
★ My family: Mom, dad, stepmom, grandparents, 3 younger sisters (16, 13 and 7), 1 older brother (21) and 1 older sister (27)
★ We have a bunch of pets. Five fish, two koi fish, two snakes, cat named Midnight (Yes, she is a black cat), my dog Blaze and my African Grey Albert (Einstein was taken obviously) 


I love anime and manga! I love a LOT of them but my favorites are:
★ Kuroko's Basketball
★ The Betrayal Knows My Name (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)
★ Vampire Knight
★ Darker Than Black
★ Hunter x Hunter
★ Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
★ Black Butler
★ Blue Exorcist
★ Danganronpa


I LOVE Vocaloid!

These are some Vocaloid characters/singers I like:
★ Meiko
★ Hatsune Miku
★ Kaito
★ Lily
★ Luka Megurine
★ Rin x Len


If you'd like to know anything else about me, feel free to ask! x)


Private chats:


Account created on May 09, 2019


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Cameragirl101 пишет:

6 дней назад
Hi~ I'm doing well. :3 I don't think we formally met actually but you made me a very lovely blingee! Thank you again for that. 
How are you doing?

asterioswaifu пишет:

6 дней назад
That's good. I feel her there, I didn't want nothing for my birthday either, but had one anyway. Though it even had a ridiculous theme and what not. That will be my last party I'll ever get. I rather stay not so excited for it. But yes cake is good. I rather not remember my cake I had. ^^; And for me, um, just look at the number four one on the list on my profile. And pink and orange are mine.

asterioswaifu пишет:

6 дней назад
Sure you can make me one too! And it's all fine, hope she has a great birthday!

asterioswaifu пишет:

6 дней назад
Okay! And do you want to make me a private chat too? 

asterioswaifu пишет:

6 дней назад
It's sort of something I kinda want to forget sort of thing. True we do need to talk more! What anime character do you want? And what are your two favourite colours? And I'll gladly will make you a chat for you.

asterioswaifu пишет:

6 дней назад
Yeah it's Charlotte now! XD Long story on why I decided a new full name!!

fairytailtrain пишет:

27 дней назад
Looks like everybody voted in your group contest, bro. Just thought I'd let you know

japanmangafan92 пишет:

50 дней назад

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