Cracky the Kitty and Albino Boy :) With dundundun:Evil Bastard! (Yeah, that's all we got 4 Grey's evil arse.)

Okay dis page belongs to Nate(aka Cracky the Kitty) and Soul (Albino Boy). Why we call eachother this is a long complicated story...
Our Family:
EnigmaticxBastards(Soul's Brother, and our older cousin):
InsomniacEllie(Nate's sister):
ItsMisaBetch(Not in the family but might as well be lol the reason why Nate is a kitty):
tomybillkaulitz21(Not in the family either but might as well be. She thinks Nate is her mother lol):
Profiles, B**ch!!

Nate (aka Cracky the Kitty/Leader of this trio of Albino druggies) 
Hair: White (Soul: Like snow!!! Curly snow...and he's got Kitty ears glued to his head!!!) (Nate: Not intentionally...)
Eyes: Red (Nate: Albinos mother f**ker!!!)
Family: Elisa "Elle", Michael (Get better soon bro. I'm gettin sick of Soul and Matt!!), Matthew "Matt", BeBe (lol he hates meh)
About me: Um...I lyk weed. Anyways, I'm really sarcastic and not really optimistic so I don't really have a bright outlook on...anything. So don't really expect a happy person, that's Soul. I'm blunt and rude and insulting, atleast that's what I'm told daily. But that could change once I get 2 kno someone...sometimes. Sometimes it just gets worse lol. Like wit Soul. :)
Would you rather die in a blaze of glory or peacefully in your sleep?: I would like to die with guns blazing around me as I fight off the police for being an untouchable drug lord...but knowing how much weed I do, I'll die in mah sleep. :)
How do you flush the toilet in public?: Wut the hell? There's a certain way to flush a toilet?

Soul (Aka Albino Boy/ The sidekick...or the dumbass who uses a mop as a weapon)
Hair: White (So beautiful and soft X3) (Nate: -_- This is wut I deal with.)
Eyes: Red ( I'm an albino too!!! :3)
Family: Kyo, mah big bro. I luv you man!! I luv you!! (Nate: Luv him? Yesterday he was a carrot-top bastard.) (Soul: Must you ruin everything?)
About MEH!: I'm Soul!!! Mah best friend is Nate!! (Nate: I hate him...) and I like mops!! There's this mop in Nate's house and I use it all the time! To clean and to beat the sh** out of intruders. :) (Nate: O.o) Um...I gots a super high voice! I mean, I'm goin on 16 but puberty just won't help me out a f**ckin lil bit!! I sound like I'm on helium or some sh**!! (Nate: XD) I hate it when I pick up the phone and guys start flirting wit me cuz I sound like dis!! I'm sick of the harassment damn it!!!!...:) Anyway, unlike Nate, I'm happy 4 the most part. But not super peppy and sh**. When I see people like dat, I turn into Nate. 
Name one thing you worry about running out of: Mops :(
Where are your car keys?: I cant drive yet! I've crashed 3 cars when I was learning! :) But I stole Matt's keys which are in my underwear as  we speak. (Nate: Ew.)

Grey (aka Evil Bastard/ albino-druggie-in-training and scary lil goth boy...or serial killer)
Age: 13 (Soul: Awwww he's so young! Gimme a hug lil buddy.) (Grey: I do not enjoy physical contact and if you think of getting any closer to me, I will break your fingers and force you to eat them.) (Soul: O.o)
Hair: White (I'm an albino, duh.)
Eyes: Red 
Family: Benji (Brother. But I do not want him to be. He is a waste of skin and life on earth and should be permanently erased from it. Nothing but a big dumbass that doesn't know how to stop being f**king happy) (Soul: Wow...ur evil. O.O)
About Meh: I'm only here becuz these two are entertainig to watch and my brother kills every one of my brain cells whenever his dumbass comes within two yards of me. I prolly won't be on this thing a lot becuz...idk wut to even do. I may pop up sometimes but mostly, i'll be planning things I will not speak of here. (Soul:...The End of the World I suspect...) (Grey: You'll be first.) (Soul: First for what?!?!) (Grey: >:) You'll see.)


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When does it start to feel good?~Nate
Barbie is a...~Nate
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iHiS..Angel.. пишет:

3447 дней назад
Hello weed buddy and mop boy :D

RatedRPunkxxx пишет:

3447 дней назад
Soul! Escape! You gonna get raped by yo twin. U have three twins by the way: Harry Styles, Vito, and this mentally challenged boy named Warren.

EnigmaticxBas... пишет:

3566 дней назад
Kyo: Shut up! I dun luvzez youz!!!!! Now lemme kill him!!!!

EnigmaticxBas... пишет:

3566 дней назад
Kyo: STFU!!! Can't u see I'm killing here?!?!...Is therapy over?
Radio: Y do u care? U weren't involved.
Kyo: Cuz I fuckin wanna know. Did anything happen?
Radio: Well, Nate's sellin me to someone.
Kyo:...Hopefully u don't get Elle lyke I did.
Yuki: I lyke Elle.
Benji: *crawling*...Salvation!!! Salvation!!!
Kyo: *attacks*
Radio: Zzzzzzzz....zzzzz....

EnigmaticxBas... пишет:

3566 дней назад
Radio: Wutever. I just wanna go to sleep.
Kyo: Die u dirty son of a bitch!! *grabs chainsaw*
Benji: AHHHH!!!!!!!!! *runs*
Yuki: >:) some for me. I feel violent today.

EnigmaticxBas... пишет:

3566 дней назад
Kyo: *currently strangling Benj*
Radio: Well, our "mom" says we're nasty cuz we have wet dreams and that me and Kyo are dirty 4 fuckin but the thing is, she's not really our mom, she assisted Benji in molesting me, and she's basically delusional so I don't think she has room to talk.
Yuki: *nods*

LoveBadQueena... пишет:

3574 дня назад
i didnt kno tht!
thts...funni bhut its cool with mehh!
cant believe we got fans!

.StayyPositivee. пишет:

3574 дня назад
- qivez Soul a huqq -
yuhh wantt a huq Natee ?

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