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i like to write story's and poems, but i am a bad speller. =( i  love music, and love to play instruments. Some instruments that i'm learning how to play are flute, piano, guitar, and violin. I also love anime and manga. =) I am shy with new people but, as i get to know a person better ,my personality gets more outgoing. i can also be extremely random at times!!! 
i'm also an animal person, and HATE people who mistreat them!My favorite animals are wolves, i try to make wolf blingees but they never come out good, so rarely ever save them TAT

Likes: Animals, Anime, Manga, Music, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Nature, Stars, Drawing, And Any Type Mysterious Things

put this on ur page if u LOVE ~music~ 
█ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ 
Min- - - - - - - - - - - -●Max 
► Play. ▌▌Pause. 

put this on 
your page 
if u r one of the 
8% that think 
animals should be 
treated with the 
same rights as humans! 


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Ciel's black and white world..
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-dreamXmidnight- пишет:

2495 дней назад
Hey, thanx for the comment on my profile. Yeah sure we can be friends:)

PandoraAliceFan пишет:

3090 дней назад
Hello! sure you can add me :D And thx for your wonderful comment :)                      

ElcF пишет:

3107 дней назад
Thank you for the comment :3

Mearbear123414 пишет:

3122 дня назад
thanks for the comment :) 

PandoraAliceFan пишет:

3128 дней назад
hello :) 
thx, you have beautiful blingee's too. And sure you can add me.

Hyp0xGurl13 пишет:

3128 дней назад
Hi :)
haha ok then xD

Thanks ^^ I really like your blingees too.
sure you can, I already accepted :-)

marthastar558 пишет:

3128 дней назад
Thx :)

blinker1968 пишет:

3135 дней назад
Thanks for joining my group of flower lovers,
feel free to add as many blingees as you want to


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