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I love my bf(:

i hate it when parents don't understand that we're never too young to love.

and i hate it even more when they restrain us from seeing the person we love.

i'm pretty sure we know how it feels when everything is right.

let us be happy.

-I will soon be deleting this blingee account, so I just thought i'd let you all know. I am going to make another account shortly after. so I won't be gone forever. Sooo, goodbye for now(:


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MoiThePrincess пишет:

3587 дней назад
  Merry Christmas!

mia.bella пишет:

3636 дней назад
naw ur gorgeous :)

▀▄▀▄Xx_Jessic... пишет:

3637 дней назад
ur wecleome friend

ur really pretty

i bet u get alot of guys

ImAHappyGirl пишет:

3644 дня назад
For u!

。♥Reptile.Lov... пишет:

1 день назад
I'm an animal lover 2!!!! :))

sasukelover123 пишет:

3662 дня назад
Thanks for the totally radically pimping fucking awesome Pandax3
I love you<3 :D
More then anything in the worldx3

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