August ღ♥♫

10 of September
Coronation theme VICTORIA

Today it is the 21 of June, and longest daylight here up north I had breakfast with the birds at 04 in the morning, I heard no traffic, just the smell of the sea ..a very enchanting start of the day❤️ ..funny enough there has been no dark night either, must be an happy day&night situation, and have to be careful not getting the insomia;)

Hello to you all: wishing you the best summer ever❤️

..there is still no need for circle requests, just write a comment and I will answer of course, if you keep your profile open for that kind of contact;)
I like to chat when I'm on with those active then♥

..livet er usikkert, spis desserten først❤️


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Teodoruka пишет:

около 7 часов назад
can you please accept me in your circle then?

Teodoruka пишет:

около 7 часов назад
i guess you didn't saw my announcement.
i thought i am in your friends circle because you commented on my works.

augusts пишет:

около 7 часов назад have never been on my list❤️

Teodoruka пишет:

около 8 часов назад
i am asking myself why you unfriended me.

susi1959 пишет:

2 дня назад
thank my dear augusts for thw gift happy autumn to you too :) :x

augusts пишет:

2 дня назад
wonderful Marie, text-stamp is always a MUST in my challenges;) and you must also please put it in the other challenge, NOT IN MANHOLE COVERS is very pretty, as a culturel Japanese close-up, detailed work ..wishing you a good weekend❤️

mariefrancois... пишет:

2 дня назад
bonjour tu a disqualifier par error ma créea été marque streetart regarde bien avex disqualifier voila créea bonne journée

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