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10 of December 2017 NOBEL PEACE PRICE
 The Nobel Peace Prize 2017 · International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). "for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons and for its ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition of such weapons" 

TEXT: A tribute to Bergen
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10 of December 2017 A TRIBUTE to Bergen, the largest gingerbread Town in the World❤️
Location is our old Swimming Hall, a magic place to keep the Pepperkakebyen love the big pool, they aker on 'snow' down to the bottom, seen on Video;)

The gingerbreadtown is open all day 1-31 december ..all kids free, all bakers free, all old people free, people who follow kids and oldies free, all students half price 

..hehehe, not many left to pay full price;) I'm an artist who knows all the guards, free;) I can bring my son who is 1.93 tall, but he is putting copper on the big roof on 'New Hotel Norge', building next door❤️♪♪
Hotel Norge, hotel to gateways to the fjords are spending millions in ads, they will open just after easter. My 1.93 son suddenly was 25 feet on a board on time square, such a giant of course gets in free, but has to promise not tasting any gingerbreads, hahahaha,
..oh Bergen, my Bergen❤️♪♪

..yes I think a tribute will be just fine here, Bergen has again the worlds record as a gingerbread town❤️♪♪ More that 2.000 entries this year in kindergardens, old people. all kinds of companies, You and I, every entry welcome to deliver all fancyness in gingerbread ..we've made our town in gingerbread, old Bergen, firestation, harbour, you name it, we've created it;) You need to look at this one minute video, it will make you happy, and inspire you❤️♪
https: ..there is a MUST: my hometown name BERGEN must be written on blingee, I've made many stamps for you;) Bergen will be proud seeing all my friends contribute❤️ ..look for stamps: augusts Bergen gingerbread town ..bake, eat, create, be happy;) Thank you all;) All users to vote, there might be some Bergen people who'll enjoy that;)

..yes je pense qu'un hommage sera très bien ici, Bergen a de nouveau le record du monde comme une ville de pain d'épice❤️ ♪♪ Plus de 2.000 entrées cette année .. les enfants dans les jardins d'enfants, les personnes âgées. toutes sortes d'entreprises, vous et moi, chaque entrée bienvenue à livrer toute la fancy dans pain d'épice .. nous avons fait notre ville en pain d'épice, vieux Bergen, la sapeur-pompier, le port, vous l'avez créé;) Vous devez regardez cette vidéo d'une minute, elle vous rendra heureux et vous inspirera ❤️
https: y a un MUST: mon nom de ville natale BERGEN doit être écrit sur blingee, j'ai fait beaucoup de timbres pour vous;) Bergen sera fier de voir tout mes amis contribuent ... recherchez des timbres: auguste ville de pain d'épice de Bergen ..bake, manger, créer, être heureux;) Merci à tous;) Tous les utilisateurs de voter, il pourrait y avoir des gens Bergen qui vont profiter de cela;)

..Ja Ich denke, ein Tribut wird hier gut sein, Bergen hat wieder den Weltrekord als Lebkuchenstadt ❤️ ♪♪ Mehr als 2.000 Einträge in diesem Jahr ... Kinder in Kindergärten, alte Leute. alle Arten von Unternehmen, Sie und ich, jeder Eintrag willkommen, um alle Phantasie in Lebkuchen zu liefern .. haben wir unsere Stadt in Lebkuchen, alten Bergen, Feuerwache, Hafen gemacht, Sie nennen es, wir haben es geschafft;) Sie müssen schau dir dieses einminütige Video an, es wird dich glücklich machen und dich inspirieren.
https: gibt ein MUSS: mein Heimatstadtname BERGEN muss auf Blingee geschrieben werden, ich habe viele Briefmarken für dich gemacht;) Bergen wird stolz sein, alle zu sehen meine Freunde beitragen ... suche Briefmarken: Augusts Bergen Lebkuchenstadt ..bake, iss, create, sei glücklich;) Danke euch allen;) Alle User abstimmen, da könnten sich einige Bergen Leute freuen, die das genießen;) 

:spanish creo que un tributo estará bien aquí, Bergen tiene de nuevo el récord del mundo como pueblo de pan de jengibre❤️ ♪♪ Más de 2.000 entradas este año ... niños en guarderías, ancianos. todo tipo de empresas, usted y yo, cada entrada bienvenida para ofrecer toda la fantasía en pan de jengibre ... hemos hecho nuestra ciudad en pan de jengibre, Bergen antiguo, FireStation, puerto, lo que sea, lo hemos creado;) Usted necesita mira este video de un minuto, te hará feliz y te inspirará❤️
https: ... hay un DEBER: el nombre de mi ciudad natal BERGEN debe estar escrito en blingee, he hecho muchas estampillas para ti;) Bergen estará orgulloso de ver todo mis amigos contribuyen❤️ ..buscan estampillas: augura la ciudad de pan de jengibre de Bergen ... comen, comen, crean, sean felices;) Gracias a todos;) Todos los usuarios que voten, puede haber gente de Bergen que lo disfrute;)


Bergen has again open for one month the largest gingerbread city in the world, with more than 2.000 entries smells gorgeous to visit, area around smells trulu x-mas;) ..will sure have my camera with me next week, together with youngsters in family

LINK is to pepperkakebyen, the gingerbread city 2017
video german speaking 4 min. please enjoy

ADVENT (modern)
av: Inger Hagerup

Så tenner vi et lys i kveld, vi tenner det for glede
Det står og skinner for seg selv og oss som er tilstede
Så tenner vi et lys i kveld, vi tenner det for glede

*Then we light a candle tonight, we light it for joy*

Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede
De står og skinner for seg selv og oss som er tilstede
Så tenner vi to lys i kveld, to lys for håp og glede

*Then we light two candles tonight, two candles for hope and joy*

Så tenner vi tre lys i kveld, for lengsel, håp og glede
De står og skinner for seg selv og oss som er tilstede
Så tenner vi tre lys i kveld for lengsel, håp og glede

*Then we light three candles tonight for longing (love), hope and joy*

Vi tenner fire lys i kveld og lar dem brenne ned
For lengsel, glede, håp og fred, men mest allikevel for fred på denne lille jord, hvor menneskene bor

*We light four candles tonight and let them burn down
For longing, joy, hope and peace, but most of all for peace on this small earth where people live*

10 of September
Coronation theme VICTORIA

..there is still no need for circle requests, just write a comment and I will answer of course, if you keep your profile open for that kind of contact;)
I like to chat when I'm on with those active then♥

..livet er usikkert, spis desserten først❤️♪♪


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Bergen gingerbread Town - please read text❤️♪♪
Bergen 2017 gingerbread
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augusts пишет:

1 день назад dizzy with x-mas stuff I put a ginger into Advent, hahaha, and of course had to DQ myself;)
..well,well, discovered it's x-mas comp this week;),fun;)

susi1959 пишет:

1 день назад
For you too happy 3.advent sunday 

Janaína_Again пишет:

6 дней назад shouldn't by any chance have a sister to this fantastic female? hehehehe It will be?

augusts пишет:

7 дней назад
..the actors in the vikings had so much fun when filming it, they did all scenes twice, first the speak norwegian, then scene made again and they spoke english intervju they said it was hilarious way to do it, but they all liked the idea, no dubbing of their voices ..sorry I have no netflix, would have love to see and hear the english version ..are you seeing first or second serie? I've just seen the whole second, and hope they will make the third

augusts пишет:

8 дней назад
..yes, Odins mam is Bestla, I never lie, I like to keep my hard-disc clean son call my brain that, cute name really, hard-disc;) ..woh, do you really watch the vikings? HAHAHA, I love it! So funny satire, I watch it on NRK norwegian broadcasting, where they speak norwegian but I've heart it's a smasher on netflix, where they speak a funny, but correct translated english it so? You must think we are nutters, hohoho, yes we are;) made me in a very good mood now, thank you

skinz200 пишет:

8 дней назад
Great Bestla, (awesome name) is that a true myth? I know little of Norse Mythology! But I love the show "Vikings"! So, I've learned a little. I am not the wordsmith you are, so bear with me!

augusts пишет:

8 дней назад
..her name is Bestla you'll tease me forever for that on, but be aware, my snowballs are hard like hell, Odin has got it from somewhere you know, and his son Thor with the Hammer was a cute little hurricane when born, I had so much fun in the snow with him;) ..none of them likes me eating all the cookies, but none of them dear to stop me, they wait till my stomach ache,haha ..I like sending you gifts, happy I am for your comments on profile❤️♪♪

skinz200 пишет:

8 дней назад
"Oh great Mother!" thank you for the gifts! :) 

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