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Traditional photos are boring, and we thought you deserved much better than the same graphics and content with no personality used over and over again across the net… so we decided to put the power back in your hands, and give you simple to use tools to create your own masterpieces that express your own ideas, feelings, and emotions! This is just the beginning… we have a much more coming up. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know where we can improve and what you want to see next.


  • Сколько раз был(а) в Центре внимания: 4
  • Жетонов: 44
  • Золотых Blingee: 26
  • Серебряных Blingee: 26
  • Внесенных штампов: 117,773,765
  • Открытки: 27,113

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Fall RU
Happy Halloween from RU
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sundancer17 пишет:

3 дня назад
Hello! I miss the competitions, please bring them back! :( 

bilokasato пишет:

11 дней назад
Hello, dear friends, I would like to know about the withdrawal of some genres of competition, it is definitive or temporary, I know I am small, but if I can be useful in something I am at your disposal

P1949 пишет:

14 дней назад
Ce matin je peux mettre que 5 blingee par concours pourquoi ?
merci pour votre réponse
bon week-end

piedad5007 пишет:

14 дней назад
☆¸.✿¸.•°* ☆¸.✿¸.•°* For you dear friend
║ ║ ═-(¯`˅´¯)      http://bln.gs/b/29d6yj
║ ╚ (¯`.•*”*•.´¯)⋱Happy Valentine's Day 
║ ╔ ( *Piedad*¸_) ✿¸.*  * 14.02.18
╚ ║═ ‘-(_¸˄¸_)-══❥━━══━━❥═══❥━━━❥
◊ ╚═══❥━━══━━❥═════❥━━══━━❥═══❥

P1949 пишет:

14 дней назад

10 ans ça se fête merci vous amicalement

Desertsun пишет:

17 дней назад
What happen to the 8 Blingee Competitions
that disapear this week starting February 2nd ??  =(	 
- Best Winter Blingee
- Best Emo Blingee
- Best Movie Blingee
- Best Girl Blingee
- Best Boy Blingee
- Best Baby Blingee
- Best Friends Blingee
- Best Couple Blingee
Only 8 from 17 competitions remain.
Some people like me prefered one over the other.
Is more than 50% of the fun removed all at once.
Please bring it back ! =(

kaykitty727 пишет:

20 дней назад
I really enjoyed making EMO now what or where AM I going to do with all the stamps? Just by making these changes has put all into a tail spin. Hehe  but if any changes that was needed would by changing  the blingee home page. That was really out dated.*Food4thought 

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