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  • Music is my life!

    Music is my life!

    8630 Members

    If you loooooooooooooove ♥ music ♪ join the group!!

  • M.J 4ever for mi!

    M.J 4ever for mi!

    179 Members

    gruppo su michael jackson

  • ~°heath ledger*~...we missed him

    ~°heath ledger*...

    6 Members

    this group is for all peoples who missed heath... ....I know i'll miss him forever!!

  • Evanescence Fans here!

    Evanescence Fan...

    12 Members

    Love Evanescence? Or Amy Lee? This is the group for you!

  • Default_group_image


    3 Members

    Erzählt wie verrückt ihr seid...erzählt eure peinlichsten Situationen und/oder erzählt ...

  • ~* Gothic *~

    ~* Gothic *~

    53 Members

    Holaaa sí tienes imagenes gothic, compartelas con nosotros...

  • Default_group_image

    Art Against Abuse

    73 Members

    This is a special group for anyone to join to fight against Abuse and domestic violence...



    66 Members

    If you love the joker join this group! WHY SO SERIOUSSS?? HAHAHAAHAHAHA...

  • Blingee


    13844 Members

    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • ♠  DaRk sHaDoW ♠

    ♠ DaRk sHaDoW ♠

    740 Members

    A fantasy-gothic group.

  • Christian art

    Christian art

    109 Members

    A group for anyone who loves Christian art. Post your Christian blingees here, whatever...

  • Danny Pino aka Det. Nick Amaro

    Danny Pino aka ...

    16 Members

    Danny Pino is one of the hottest actors on TV. From Law and Order SVU to Cold Case. He ...

  • Remember Them - N'oubliez pas de leur

    Remember Them -...

    58 Members

    From Loved ones to pets, from friends to favorite celebrities. This is a group made to ...

  • Default_group_image

    Mariska Hargita...

    2 Members

    If you're a Mariska fan...JOIN ME !!!

  • ♥«Fantasy Realm»♥

    ♥«Fantasy Realm»♥

    141 Members

    A group for all those enamored with art dreams, fantasy, romance and just plain beauti...

  • Missings Persons

    Missings Persons

    15 Members

    If you know someone who is missing, you can make a blingee for them and put it here. Ma...

  • Erin Hunter

    Erin Hunter

    16 Members

    From Warriors to Seekers to the Survivors book series. The Erin Hunter group has always...

  • Eureka!


    146 Members

    Here you will have the opportunity to propose a challenge to the end of the month and w...

  • Animal Cruelty and other Abuse

    Animal Cruelty ...

    14 Members

    Animal Cruelty, Child abuse, Spousal abuse. Any and all types of abuse. anyway you say ...

  • DanTDM Fan Club

    DanTDM Fan Club

    14 Members

    Any and all DanTDM fans, do you like his videos? Join and make Blings than honor him. T...


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