Merlin lover <3 (user:kantabriga)

Im a girl, called Nicole i live in England and i love drawing, designing, creating, playing games on the ps3 and watching merlin :D <3. I have many pet dogs, and a cat... though she sleeps in my room. I love making new friends though is mainly quiet towards other people in person. Sometimes i lack confidence but not in everything. Also, i dont know what i'd do without music! I listen to like everything apart from hip hop, opera, rap and some metal. I like to read books only when i get into them. I love getting into series like vampire diaries,heroes,merlin,true blood etc. I like helping my friends out in whatever way i can. I hate being mean to people and calling them names eventhough they said it to me in the first place and have been doing for the past 8 years (not all my life). My favourite animal is the wolf :)


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