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Gosh I hate it when people judge others just by the way they act or how they express themselves, Look I say DONT JUDGE it just causes problems so dont talk about people based on how they are. YOUR NO BETTER!!!!! STOP THE HATE!!! Please for God's sake Be Nice, the world would be better if we just avoid the issues and the conflicts and stuff. WE ARE ALL HUMAN and there is nothing we can do to change that!!! Dont worry about other people you have your own life and they have theirs, so if it doesnt have anything to do DONT WORRY ABOUT IT STAY AWAY FROM CONFLICTS!!! I cannot stress that anymore just stop

Life is a short journey (wise words)
Days go by everyday life goes by fast enjoy it, be thankful and grateful God gave this life to enjoy take advantage of it cuz ya neva know!

R.I.P FREDDY E!!! (Jan 1,1991- Jan 5,2013)FBP JERKTV
R.I.P. FREDDY E much love to you I keep you and your family in my prayers #FBP JerkTV for life Miss yhu sooo much God watch over him and his family.We support Freddy E all the way!!!!
                     Celebrity Crushes <3

*Freddy E
*Carnell Breeding 
*Bow Wow 
*Travie Williams 
*Diggy Simmons 
*Jaden Smith
*Austin Mahone
*Bryan Breeding
*Dustin Breeding 
*Patrick Breeding 
*Taylor Launter
*MB Princeton
*Scooter Smiff
*Roshon Fegan 
*Ross Lynch                          
*Aaron Fresh
*Khalil Sheriff
                        Favorite Female Artist
*Jordin sparks 
*Alicia Keys 
*OMG girlz
*Jasmine V
*Tyra B
*Melanie Fiona 
     Favorite color: (sky,baby,&Aqua) blue, turquoise, I kinda Iike hot pink, red, & black
       Nicknames: keke I'll even take kayliee ( even thou it's not related to my name but I'll accept it) 
           Eye color: dark brown 
           Hair color: lightish brown 
            Height: about 5'2 5'3
    I can be a little silly but sometimes I'm serious 
            Favorite shows: Spongebob, Tom&Jerry fanboy and Chum Chum( I luv chum chum he so cute), adventure time, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, the proud family, chowder, looney tunes, Jimmy nutron back at the barnyard, lab rats, ( luv Spencer boldman),  ( yea some of these shows aren't on tv anymore or maybe they are but I still luv them) Rickey Smiley show, Runs House ( luv that show n Diggy lolxz), the fairly odd parents, and the grim adventures of billy and mandy

    Biggest influences: Michael Jackson ( of course), Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, etc.

         Love comedy movies like:
* how high
* the hot chick
* baby daddy or big daddy w/ Adam sandler
* scary movie 1,2,3,&4
* Norbit
* the cookout ,etc
          It's obvious that I like a lot of things but it's who I am 
           Favorite sports:
* basketball
* volleyball 
* Kinda into football 

        Favorite rappers:
* Nicki Minaj
* Eminem 
*Kanye West
* Jay-Z
*Lil Wayne 
* Bow Wow 
* Busta Rhymes
* Lil Twist & a few more

zodiac sign: Virgo 

If you have never heard of the aspiring Seattle rapper/YouTube host of JerkTV the late Freddy E there's a little bit of info.in my homepage about him and you too can experience #TeamFreddyE's pain that we and the family & friends of Frederick Eugene Buhl have tragically suffered I send my condolences to his family may he Rest In Peace! FBP (Frederick or Freddy Buhl Productions) JerkTV & ...1!  


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Lily Collins
Austin Mahone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nicole_ish_meh пишет:

2273 дня назад
Hi Kaylie.

nicole_ish_meh пишет:

2276 дней назад
I'm Just On Twitter. What About You?

nicole_ish_meh пишет:

2280 дней назад
No, I don't.

nicole_ish_meh пишет:

2282 дня назад

HannahJuly пишет:

2284 дня назад
Dancing. You? ^^

HannahJuly пишет:

2284 дня назад
Hi there :3

HannahJuly пишет:

2293 дня назад
I'm not sure whether he is dead or not, he's gone off radar ._.

Ourse пишет:

2328 дней назад
=') I saw that you're crazy about him! ^^ ♥
Michael is so Perfect. How do not love him?

:) Kisses! ☼

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