Hi guys. My name is Keiko. I'm Japanese and living in the U.S. I used to live in Irvine of southern California and moved to San Francisco on Dec. lats year. I used to go to the beach when I was in Irvine...but not anymore...I go to a park insted. I miss the beach and the weather over there a lot. oh, well...San Francisco is a nice city too. They have nice food here so I'm kinda spoild haha I like here. Please, let me know if you know good restrants in San Fran :)

P.S. Thanks for all those messages. 


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amirmirza пишет:

1618 дней назад
hi dear

Emerlychatterly пишет:

1768 дней назад
Hi Keiko! 
I'm Emily and I'm 9 years young. HeHe.
I mean I'm nine years old. I do not know any good restaurants in San Fran:) 
Can we be friends??

reby1234 пишет:

2006 дней назад
Why be bluff cause your just from japan.


brofistasista пишет:

2056 дней назад
Hi im Morgan and im 12 do you like anime? :3

lullaby222 пишет:

2296 дней назад
adoro i giapponesi!!!!vorrei tanto andare in giappone io!!!

-PLAYBOY-123 пишет:

2360 дней назад
hi beautiful :)      <3

XxToxicVenusxX пишет:

2426 дней назад
What's up mate! You're from Japan? That's awesome. You're very pretty too!:)

See ya!^^

YumiAndWilliam пишет:

2435 дней назад
hello keiko! I'm Francesca and I'm 11! I love japan! :D

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