Lisa Enid

My name is Lisa; I am a 39 years old Aries female from Miami, Florida. I'm single, friendly and simple. I'm also Hispanic (½ Cuban and & ½ Puertorican), but must admit that I love Cubans. I speak English with an accent, Spanish and a lot of Spanglish! I must also say that I love to play jokes and fool around with's all for a good laugh; but above all I'm sincere and have a good heart.


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rainadrop пишет:

4562 дня назад

GILBERT05 пишет:

4590 дней назад
thanks for wanting to be my friend
Bling're cool and your precious

ebonyshavon пишет:

4642 дня назад
stopping by to say hi and show some love!!

Alexis552 пишет:

4677 дней назад
wow! u have a lot of awards!!!!!

coiamoura пишет:

4690 дней назад
☆♥«´¨`•°Happy Easter°•´¨`»♥☆

nicg14 пишет:

4693 дня назад
luvvvvvvvvvvv your blingee greetings from bath luvly city

yuneek0070 пишет:

4694 дня назад
hey jus checked ur page i love ur blingees & i used to live in fort lauderdale rite across from miami dade we went there too party i miss it so much there. u hv a great day and continue 2 bling on!!!

minniedags пишет:

4698 дней назад
hi ,tnx for the ad :p

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