The Muffin Queen

Hi.I LOVE anime espesially Naruto. I support SasuNaru (Don't hate me) SasuHina, NaruSaku, and ShikaTema. My favorite characters on Naruto are Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, TenTen, Konan and Sasori. Characters I HATE: Ino, Sakura, Gaara(Don't hate me) Zabuza(Long gone but... I don't know I'm just weird!) Tobi(Madara) and Lee. I am in a vocaloid group with my friends and I'm Rin Kagamine. If I wasn't Rin I'd have too either kill, or suck it up and be Gumi Megpoid(LOVE that last name 'cause mine is dull and very normal.[unlike meh.] My first name is pretty common to so no point in telling you that BUT my middle name... nah thats common to.) If you read all that your wondering how I got sucked into the consept of names(P.S. I'm 12 almost 13 so be supprised I'm useing some big words.)
Has anyone on here noticed that the english voice actor for Orihime(probably mis-spelled) from Bleach and Hinata from Naruto are the same??? Or is it just meh?!?
I like alot of other anime's too like:
Luky Star (Why Do people call hotdogs weiners??)
Oran Highschool Host Club (That's physically imposible!!)
Naruto Abridged (You want me to walk on water like Jesus?!?-Naruto Uzamaki)
Vocaloid 2
Vocaloid Democracy (Len SHUT UP!!-Rin Kagamine)
Enazuma Eleven (Soccer Fangasm)
Avatar Te Last Airbender (Friendly MUSHROOM!!!)

ZZZZZ___________________ZZZZZZ           '
_ZZZZZZZ______________ZZZZZZZ            '
ZZZZZ_ZZZ__________ZZZ_ZZZZZ             '
__ZZZZZ__ZZ________ZZ__ZZZZZ             '
__ZZZZZZZ__ZZ_____ZZ__ZZZZZZ             '
__ZZZZZZZ__ZZ_____ZZZ__ZZZZZ             '
__ZZ_____ZZZZZ___ZZZZZZ____Z             '
____ZZZZZZZZZZZ_ZZZZZZZZZZ               '
_______ZZZZ__ZZ_ZZ__ZZZZ                 '       
______ZZZZZZZZZ_ZZZZZZZZZ                '
______ZZZZZZZZZ_ZZZZZZZZZ                '
_______ZZZZZZZ___ZZZZZZZ                 '
________ZZ_ZZ____ZZ_ZZZ                  '
________ZZZZ______ZZZZ                   '
_______ZZZ__________ZZZ                  '   
_______Z______________Z                  '   Put THIS butterfly on your page if you like the vocaloid version of Magnet.


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darkangell79 пишет:

3359 дней назад

hinata494 пишет:

3399 дней назад
hi, i want to thank you for comment in my blingee so i make this blingee to you and all my friends hope you like it

dreamlife123 пишет:

3399 дней назад
your welcome 

darkangell79 пишет:

1 день назад
thank u 4 the comment and the vote

Gabi_Misty пишет:

3402 дня назад
Is your birthday?!?!
If it is,be happy!!

Gabi_Misty пишет:

3403 дня назад
Agree...Tottally agree!! XD
She's too young to date him!! XT
And also,I'm a Pokeshipper!! XD

Meow_Kitty_Claw пишет:

3403 дня назад
yep..its yours ^^

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